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tower stand

This is the tower stand for the Mediatechnics Systems IMPACT autoloader.

This unit attaches to the back-left side of the autoloader, there are four screws at the top deck of the unit attached through some access holes, and on the bottom with two screws. (See picture) Remove the rubber feet from the tower and place in the stand as far forward as possible. Attach power and serial cables to tower.

The tower then can be positioned using the two knobs on the front of the stand.
Adjustment is needed to get the discs to place in the drives correctly, using the autoloader utilities in the tower menu to move the discs and align the drives.

The knob on top, or closest to the tower, is used to swing the tower front left or right.

The lower knob is used to move the tower from front to back, you will probably have to manually assist the movement of the tower because of the towers weight.

Once the placement is correct the knobs on the outside rails can be tightened to hold everything in place.

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