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Printing with the Thermal Printer and the Impact Autoloader

First you must make sure you have the Printer enabled in the duplication options area of the setup menu. Scroll down through the duplication options and make sure the printer enabled option is set to YES. After this is done then in the Image functions area you will have two image menus one for CD (master) images and one for print images. Each area has its own sub menus with import, rename, etc.

To print on CD's while they are being copied you will need to import a print image into the system to append this print image to the CD image you are copying. If you are doing Print Only then the print image does not need to be appended to anything.

To import images you must first create the print image on a PC using the Rimage supplied CD Designer software program or any other program that you want to create your label or print image in. Then when you go to print -choose the correct printer (Rimage Perfect Image Printer PF) and then print to a file:

THIS IS HARD FOR A LOT OF PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND- THE FILE YOU CREATED IS NOT SAVED IT IS PRINTED AND THEN THE PRINTER DRIVER WILL ASK FOR YOU TO GIVE IT A FILE NAME - (********.PRN ) this file or files will then be saved and burned to a CDR for transferring onto the loader hard drive.

Under START, SETTINGS, PRINTERS - right click Rimage PerfectImage Printer PF and choose Properties:

In the DETAILS tab make sure:
In the Print to the following port are is set to: FILE: (Creates file on disk)

Double Print may or may not be checked depending on you media etc.
RLE compression should be checked
Make sure Detect media change is NOT checked
Make sure Using RimageAuto printer is NOT checked

It is best to try and get a lot of the print images together at the same time and create them, and then burn them to a CDR together to save time. You then go to the 'Image Functions' area of the loader and use the load print images option. The images are imported similar to how a master is loaded in, except it will bring up a menu and allow you to choose the image to be imported.

To attach or APPEND to a master cd image file you would choose this option from the images/print images/append menu and pick the appropriate files.You are given the option when you go to copy if you want to print or not. There is also a print only option from the main menu.

(If you try to do a duplication job only and the system hangs for a long time at the calibration area it is because it is looking for the printer that should be turned on and hooked up, if it is not then you should simply turn the printer option OFF in the setup menu/duplication options area so it will not look for the printer during straight duplication only.)

(If the Printer is mis-loading because of alignment - see the alignment/adjustment area of this manual)

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