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IP-6800 Series CD-R Autoloader
User Manual Addendum

This is additional information not found in the manual.

To print on CD's while they are being copied you will need to import a print image into the system to append to the CD image you are copying. On Image functions you will have a new entry for import print images. To do this you must create the print image on a PC using the supplied CDID software program or similar program and then print to a file, (Make sure 'detect media change' is turn OFF in the Rimage print driver)(should have a .prn extension,Choose print to a file in the printer driver options instead of the normal LPT1 and it will automatically bring up the name file screen when you print) this file or files will then be burned to a cd for transferring onto the loader hard drive. It is best to try and get a lot of the print images together at the same time and do them together to save time. You then go to the 'Image Functions' area of the loader and use the Import (load) print images option. The images are imported similar to how a master is loaded in, except it will bring up a directory menu and allow you to choose the image to be imported. To attach or APPEND to a master cd image file you would choose this option from the menu and pick the appropriate files. You are given the option when you go to copy if you want to print or not. There is also a print only option from the main menu.

Duplication Options - Additions
This menu has new items that may not pertain to your system.
Erase CDRW -does not apply if you do not have CDRW drives.
Async copying - Yes or No
Turns asyncronous copying on or off, this is if the drive will immediately start copying or start when all drives are loaded.
Enable Printer -Yes or No
Tells machine to look for printer or not.
Cyclic Output -Yes or No
This will tell the loader to use the cyclic mode for input and output of the blank and finished discs. Cyclic mode will allow you to fill all spindles except the number one spindle with blank media. The loader will begin loading from the #2 spindle and move the copied CDs to #1, #3 to #2, #4 to #3, #5 to #4. The rejected media will be dropped in front of the drives on the deck. The best way to tell if this mode is On is if the loader gos to the #2 spindle at start up.
The standard 2 input-2 output mode is the recommended setting for most duplication (Less confusing for the operator) unless you are doing large quantities.

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