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The main adjustments are:

Column in a vertical position. This is done at the factory but may need to be done if shipping or handling was particularly harsh. The best way to tell is if the disks can't be placed up and down consistently in the drives without a 'fade' in or out, or if there is a noticeable fade one direction while going up and down the spindles. The column shroud is removed and a small level is placed on the side of the column (while it is turned to the different locations) the 4 larger nuts on the studs at the very base of the column inside at the bottom the machine, are loosened then retightened so the column is in the best vertical position it can be.


Drive or tower positioning for optimum loading and unloading of the drives. (this would also include placement of a printer.) The slotted holes that the individual drives are mounted in can be used, as well as the slight movement available at the four main mounting screws of the drive cube.
The towers can be adjusted with the tower extension stand and the two placement knobs being moved for optimum placement. Make sure the rubber feet are removed from the bottom of the tower and that once the tower is in position the four screws on the sides of the stand are tightened so it will stay.

Spindle Location alignment
The symptom for this is that when the pick-arm stops above spindles it seems to be off in all the same direction by the same amount (clockwise or counter-clockwise). And that you can't get the drives in a good position for loading. Make sure the CD spindles are securely place on their locator pins (give them a spin to be sure they are seated flat)). The spindle locators (white plastic) can be moved around just a little by pushing the spindle and sliding the locator around for best position (The little spindle locator pegs are on spring loaded over-size holes).

If needed you can change where the pick-arm stops (Spindle locations) by adjusting the sensor at the base of the column. Loosen the two screws through the access holes and move the black plastic sensor in the middle to the left or right to get the correct positioning. Try not to let the sensor go back away from the column, only left and right. The best way to find the correct spindle positions is to go to UTILITIES MENU/LOADER UTILITIES/EXTENDED DIAGS and then move the pick arm down with the 'pick to spindle' command then the 'rotate next' and 'rotate previous' keys. The #1 spindle is the "index" spindle and doesn't move as much as the rest of the spindles and should be used as the main one or index for adjusting for this location, then move the other spindles for best position. (If you cannot get the positions to line up correctly then you must see - column vertical alignment area)

NOTE: If the load positions were working fine and the machine wasn't moved or bumped then it may be just that the sensor at the base of the column is slightly blocked - blow out this sensor with air and try the positions again.

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