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True Net Network Software Manual

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Network Configuration
To use TrueNET and Duplicators equipped with TrueNET features, your network
should be configured to use TCP/IP protocol over 10/100Mbit Ethernet. TCP/IP is an
industry standard protocol, and is also used by the Internet. If you have Internet access
via your network, you are already running TCP/IP. If you are in doubt about how your
network if configured, please consult your Network Administrator.

Before a duplicator can be used on any network, it must be configured with a static IP
address. If you are in doubt about what static IP addresses are available, please ask
your Network Administrator. Usually the IP address on your local area network
(LAN) will be something like: (where xxx is a number between 1 and

Make sure that the IP address you choose is not in use by any other computer on your
network. If your computers are configured for automatic IP assignment, check what
range of addresses they can be assigned (i.e. - and assign
the duplicator a static IP address outside this range.

Duplicator Network Configuration
To configure the Duplicator, make sure that the Duplicator is not connected to the
network. This will prevent any unintended network address conflict.
Turn the power on, and wait until the main menu appears. From the menu, select the
Setup | Network Setup. Select Duplicator IP and enter the chosen IP address.
Enter all 12 digits, using 0s where appropriate, e.g. for
Press the ENTER key to save the setup, and when saved, turn the duplicator off.
Connect the Duplicator to the network hub or network switch using a standard CAT5
network cable. If you are connecting the Duplicator directly to a PC, and not via a
network hub, make sure that you are using a 'Crossover Cable'. A crossover cable can
only be used to connect two pieces of equipment directly. Do not use a crossover
cable if are using a hub or network switch.

Turn the Duplicator on and wait for the main menu to appear. The Duplicator
configuration is now complete.

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