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True Net Network Software Manual

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The TrueNET API (TrueNET Enterprise Only)
TrueNET API (TrueAPI) uses easy to build ASCII text files for passing commands from a
customer supplied software application to TrueNET. Jobs can be scheduled very easily by the
user application, simply by creating API command files in ASCII text, and then monitoring
them for real time status. Using this simple but extremely powerful tool, users can integrate
TrueNET in to in house production / sales order systems, and create 'on-demand' CDs. This
includes both multiple copies of the same CD or 'one-off' unique CDs.
TrueAPI is designed to be simple to use from almost any kind of program. Command files
can be read or written in almost any programming language, on almost any operating system.
It is especially easy to use from a Microsoft Windows platform by using two specific calls
(WritePrivateProfileString and GetPrivateProfileString) that will create and read the TrueAPI
command file entries for you. These calls are directly supported with popular programming
environments such a Microsoft Visual C/C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic.
In the simplest form, a command file could be as little as:


The command file above assumes that an ISO file called "image.iso" already exists in the root
of the "c:\" directory. The default quantity is 1.
Building an ISO image from a path on the hard disk as part of the download process could be
as simple as:


This command file will generate a 'virtual' ISO9660/Joliet image from all the files (and sub
directories) located in the "c:\MyDir" directory and download it to the target autoloader. No
ISO image file is actually created, because it is built 'on-the-fly' as the data is transferred to
the Duplicator over the network. This has the advantage of reducing the build+download time
overhead, and reduces the hard disk space required when creating ISO9660/Joliet CD

Most of the commands (keywords) are optional, and a default value is automatically selected
if the keyword is not present in the command file. For example, the command files shown
above could have included the command QUANTITY=1. However, if the keyword
QUANTITY is not present, the quantity is set to 1 by default. To make 10 copies of an image
simply add the command QUANTITY=10.

The file should be created using a file extension of .BLD. This will prevent the system from
starting a job before all parameters have been set. Once all parameters are written, the file
should be renamed with an extension of .JOB. When the system manager has parsed the file,
it will be renamed to .BSY. When a job completes the file will be renamed to .DON.

If during the parsing phase the system manager encounters and error, or the job encountered
an error, the file will be renamed to .ERR.

See Appendix B for full TrueAPI command information..16
The following are reserved keywords for the TrueNET API:
[JOB] (Mandatory)
BURN (Optional)
BUILD_PATH (Mandatory - if building an ISO Image - otherwise ignored)
IMAGE_FILE (Mandatory - except when building an ISO image)
JOBTYPE (Mandatory)
QUANTITY (Optional)
[ISO] (Optional)
ABSTRACT (Optional)
COPYRIGHT (Optional)
JOLIET (Optional)
PREPARER (Optional)
PUBLISHER (Optional)
VOLIDENT (Optional)
[PRINT] (Optional)
PRINT_FILE (Optional)
[RESULTS] (Created By TrueNET)
ACCEPTED (Created By TrueNET)
REJECTED (Created By TrueNET)
STATION (Created By TrueNET)
STATUS (Created By TrueNET)

For convenience, other sections and keywords may be added by the user application
for internal job tracking etc.

TrueNET will not read, write or delete additional user sections or keywords, and will
only read or modify those sections & keywords defined in this manual.
However, please note that the API is currently being expanded, and addition
keywords defined for the sections described above.

R-Quest recommends defining new sections for all user-defined keywords

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