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True Net Network Software Manual

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Appendix A
The Life Cycle of a Job

All jobs start life in one of two ways, i.e. manually created by a user sat at a computer
screen using the TrueNET GUI, or via the TrueAPI. In each case, they start life as
'Scheduled'. This means that TrueNET knows about the job, and will allocate
duplicator resources to the job as soon as they become available, in job order.
If images used by the job are not already on the duplicator's hard disk, the images
must be transferred over the network to the duplicator. This state is known as
'downloading'. Once all images are downloaded, TrueNET will attempt to queue the
job within the Duplicator. If the Duplicator is able to queue the job, the state becomes
'Queued'. Once the duplicator has resource (i.e. drives or printer) to start the job the
status will change to 'Running'. On completion, the duplicator will delete any
temporary images that were downloaded and TrueNET will enter the 'Done' state.
If at any time during this process the job encounters an error, i.e. the input hopper
become empty, the job status will change to 'Error'. The job will automatically restart
and resume the 'Running' state once the problem is corrected. Some errors cannot be
corrected (like the image does not exist), and therefore the job cannot restart. In this
case, the user should delete the job.

The job has been created, but TrueNET has not yet allocated resources to the job.

The images for the job are not on the Duplicator's hard disk, and are currently being
downloaded prior to the job starting.

The image does not exist on the duplicator's hard disk, and is being built 'on-the-fly'
as it is downloaded prior to the job starting.

The image required for the job are now located on the Duplicator's hard disk. The
duplicator does not yet have room for the job in its internal queue.

All images are on the Duplicator's hard disk and the job is in the Duplicator's internal
queue. The job will start as soon as resources (i.e. Recorders or Printers) become

All images are on the Duplicator's hard disk, and the job is now running.

The job was completed as requested. Any images that were automatically downloaded
from the PC to the Duplicator's hard disk (as temporary images) have been deleted
from the Duplicator.

The job is in an error state, i.e. the input hopper is empty, or other such errors. Error
states almost always require the operator's attention.

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