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True Net Network Software Manual

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Duplicator Image Management
The images on a duplicator hard disk can be viewed, renamed or uploaded to the
PC by selecting "Duplicator Image Management" from the "Images" menu. In
addition CD Images, ISO images and print images can be downloaded directly to
the duplicator hard disk.

Uploading CD Images

To upload an image click on the image name, and click the "Upload" button. This
will create a CD image file on the PC hard disk.

Uploading Print Images
Click on the image name then click the "Upload" button. This will create a print
image file on the PC hard disk.

Renaming CD Images
To rename an image click on the image name and then click rename. A dialog box
will appear that allows you to change the name. Image names will be changed to
upper case, and have a maximum length of 14 characters.

Downloading ISO9660 Images (.iso)
To download an ISO file created by another program (i.e. Easy CD Creator) click
the ISO image button, then select an .ISO file. ISO images must be created as
Mode 1, and not Mode 2 or CD-XA..13

Downloading CD Image Files (.rqi)
Images uploaded from a Duplicator are stored in R-Quest Image File format (.rqi).
To download a CD (.rqi) image to a duplicator click on the "CD Image" button and
select an .rqi file.

Downloading Print Images
To download a print file (.prn) click the "Print Image" button and select a .prn file.
Make sure that this print file is suitable for the printer installed on your duplicator..14.15

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