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True Net Network Software Manual

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Duplicator - Additional Menu Items
There are some new menus that appear when networking is enabled. The first was the
Network Setup which is used to configure the IP address. The second is Network
Mode (in the main menu).

CD and Print Images can be uploaded or downloaded while the Duplicator is at the
main menu, or is running a "standalone" job. However, network jobs can only be run
when the Duplicator is in Network Mode. Simply select Network Mode from the
main menu and the duplicator with go "On-Line". To exit Network Mode, press &
hold the STOP key..6

An additional option also appears in the Duplication Options menu. When "Network
Active" is set to NO, the Duplicator will work as before. When "Network Active" is
set to YES, the Duplicator will enter Network Mode automatically after power on. It
is still possible to run the Duplicator in standalone mode by exiting Network Mode
(by holding down the STOP key), and returning to the main menu.

The "Async Copying" option also takes on a new function. All jobs are run
asynchronously in network mode. However, in network mode it is also possible to be
running more than one job at any given time. This is known as running
"Asynchronous Jobs" or "Parallel Jobs". Setting "Async Copying" to YES will
allow more than one job to run in parallel as resources become available. This would
be the case if the Duplicator has more than one recorder, and more that one job was
created, each with only 1 CD. Setting "Async Copying" to NO will force queued
jobs to wait until all the CDs from the current job are done before starting the next
queued job.

The advantage of running jobs in parallel (Async Copying = YES) is that several jobs,
each with only a small number of CDs can be run at the same time. The disadvantage
is that the output hopper may have CDs from different jobs "out of order", or
'interleaved', and require sorting.

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