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Our duplicator is a reliable, high performance, high speed, and standalone CD and/or DVD duplicator. With its professional industrial design and simple beginner user interface, it will make your copying job much easier than ever.

Before you start:

Before you start using this duplicator, please read the following to ensure proper operation:

1. Important Notice:
If you have purchased a CD duplicator, your duplicator will duplicate CDs ONLY. However, if you have purchased a DVD duplicator, your duplicator will duplicate both DVDs and CDs.

2. DVD Duplication Limitations:
For DVD Duplicator, it will not copy any DVD that has any Copy Protection inside. Normally, most DVDs you purchased in a store do have some kind of Copy Protection.

In addition to the copy protection limitation, our DVD duplicator will only copy DVDs with capacity 4.7GB or DVD-5 standard. If your DVD master disc is DVD-9 format (which capacity is more than 4.7GB), our DVD duplicator will not be able to copy the master disc at all.

3. Temperature Warning:
If your outside temperature has been dropped below 32°F for past 24 hours, please leave the duplicator inside a room with temperature of 65°F or higher for 4 hours before power it on for the first time. Failure to do so will cause the duplicator not to function at all.

4. External Connection Warning:
If you have an external connection installed in your duplicator, you will see USB/Firewire switch(s) on the back of your duplicator, and/or USB/Firewire sticker(s) stick on your writer(s). In order to duplicate using a standalone unit (no connection to the computer), you have to make sure all the USB/Firewire connection light(s) on the back of your duplicator are off. If by any chance, the USB/Firewire connection light(s) are on, you need to follow the following steps: 1. Turn off your duplicator. 2. Turn off all the USB/Firewire switch(s), 3. Turn on your duplicator. 4. Make sure all the USB/Firewire lights are off.

5. Maintenance:
It is very important to operate and keep your duplicator under a dust free clean environment since dust is the number one killer for CD/DVD recording device. Failure to do so will severely damage your duplicator. We strongly suggest you to place an Air Cleaner next to your duplicator and constantly use the Air Duster (Can Air) to clean out the dust on the surface of the duplicator.

Warning: Do not try to use the Air Duster to clean the duplicator with trays open. By doing so will blow the dust into the recording device and further damage the recording device.


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