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Tutorial Guide:

III. Select the Duplication Speed

This process will allow you to adjust the duplication speed subject to your various needs.

By default, the duplication speed will be set to the optimal speed. However, under some circumstances, you might want to lower down the duplication speed. Those circumstances are follows:

· Poor Blank Media Quality – When your media quality is not good, lower down the duplication speed is necessary to make good copies.

· Poor Master Disc Quality – If your master disc’s condition is not good, lower down the duplication speed will reduce the failure rates greatly.

· Duplication Quality – Overall, the lower the speed, higher the quality of your duplicates. If you have time, it is a good choice to lower down the speed to produce good quality duplicates.

When you turned on your duplicator, you should see the following when your duplicator is ready.


1. Navigate to Speed Selection Menu.
Press UP or DOWN arrow button to navigate to the following screen.

7.Select Speed

2. Enter Speed Selection Menu.
Then, you can press “>>” button to enter into Speed Selection Menu.

You shall see the following:

Select Speed Type:

3. Select Duplication Speed Type.

There are four types of recording speed:
· CD to CD: Copy CD Disc to CD-R Discs directly. (On-The-Fly)
· DVD to DVD: Copy DVD Disc to DVD±R Discs directly. (On-The-Fly)***
· HDD to CD: Copy Hard Drive CD Image to CD-R Discs.**
· HDD to DVD: Copy Hard Drive DVD Image to DVD±R Discs. **

Depends on what type of duplication and your duplicator restrictions, you need to select the correct type in order to take in effect. To select the recording speed types, you need to press UP or DOWN button to adjust and press “>>” button to submit your selection.
** If your duplicator has 3 or below writers, your duplicator system may not have “HDD to CD” and “HDD to DVD” selection. Usage of “CD to CD” and “DVD to DVD” will have the same effect.
*** To ensure the duplication quality, you are not allowed to adjust the duplication speed for DVD to DVD to more than 4x duplication speed. To achieve maximum duplication speed, you need to perform duplication from Hard Drive. For detailed instructions, please refer to “Tutorial Section II – Make Hard Drive-to-Disc Copies.”

4. Select Desired Duplication Speed.

Once you have submitted the duplication speed type, you shall see the following:

DVD to DVD Speed:

You can press UP or DOWN button to select the desired speed and then press “>>” to submit your speed selection.

5. Once your selection has been changed successfully, you shall see the following screen for 2 seconds.

DVD to DVD Speed:
Adjusted to: 2x

Then you will be directed back to the main menu:

7. Select Speed


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