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Tutorial Guide:

IV. Select the Master Reading Source

When you try to make a copy, you need to specify where the master disc is. Is it in the Reader tray? Or is it inside the Hard Drive Image? This tutorial will show you how to change the Master Reading Source to satisfy your needs.

Basically, there are 3 scenarios that require you to select the Master Reading Source.

· Disc-to-Disc copy (read from READER tray) – This is the case when you would normally make copies on the fly. You need to set the “Reader” as your Master Reading Source.

· Hard Drive-to-Disc copy (if Hard Drive installed) – If you want to make copies from your Hard Drive Image, you need to select the source as “Hard Drive”.

There are four benefits to copy from Hard Drive:
i. Performance – Duplicating form Hard Drive will be able to boost the DVD duplication speed to 8x or above.
ii. Stability – Duplicating from Hard Drive will stabilize the duplication process compared to the Disc-to-Disc copy.
iii. Durability – Hard Drive is a much better storage device than DVD recordable discs. First of all, DVD recordable discs are composed of chemical materials tend to degrade over a period of time while Hard Drives are made of magnetic disks which will last over 100 years. Second of all, DVD recordable discs are often been exposed and very easy to have a scratch on its surface while Hard Drives are covered with metals and mounted inside the duplicator.
iv. Convenience – With your master discs stored inside the Hard Drive, you can access to each one easily. There is no need to carry your master discs, they are all inside the duplicator.

· Disc-to-Disc copy (read from WRITER tray) – This is the case when your master disc is full of scratches. You would need to use the Writer Tray as your Master Reading Source to make a copy and use the new copy as your new master to make more copies.

When you turned on your duplicator, you should see the following when your duplicator is ready.


1. Navigate to Source Selection Menu.

Press UP or DOWN arrow button to navigate to the following screen.

8.Select Source

2. Enter Source Selection Menu.

Then, you can press “>>” button to enter into Source Selection Menu.

You shall see the following:

Reader Port 1.0
Pioneer DVD-ROM

3. Select Desired Master Reading Device.

You can press UP or DOWN button to select the desired Master Reading Source. Then, you can press “>>” to submit your Source Selection.

4. Once your selection has been changed successfully, you shall see the following screen for 2 seconds:

Reader Port 1.0

Then you will be directed back to the main menu:

8.Select Source

NOTE: After loading your master disc to the Hard Drive, please make sure to remove your master disc from the Master Reading Tray. Fail to do so will cause improper duplication.


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