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MS Series Manual Page 8

5. Start the Copy Process.

a. Now, please insert your blank discs into the writer trays (make sure the Reader Tray is empty) and press “>>” button to enter COPY menu. You will see the Counter Selection Menu the following:

How Many? No Counter

b. The Counter Selection Menu will let you to choose how many copies you want to make for your project. This Counter Selection feature will allow the duplicator to count number of copies you’ve made and prompted you when the desired number of copies is made.

You can select number of copies from 1 to 100 using UP or DOWN navigation button or select No Counter if you prefer to copy continuously with no interruption. Then press “>>” button to confirm and the following screen will appear.

Waiting for Blanks

NOTE: If the ABOVE screen has been shown more than 2 minutes, please check your Blank Discs for quality.

c. Please allow 5-10 seconds for the duplicator to detect your Master Disc and Blank Discs as well. After your Master Disc and Blank Discs have been recognized, then you shall see the following screen:

7 Disc Detected, Go?

*The “7” indicates there are 7 discs were recognized by the recording trays. Actual quantity may be different depending on your machine.

NOTE: If the “Auto Start” setting is turned ON, the copy process will be automatically initiated once the duplicator detected a blank disc for every writer tray.

d. When you see above screen, then the duplicator has recognized your master disc and at least one disc from the writer tray has been recognized.

Once the number of blank discs you inserted matches the number of discs detected on the screen. Then press “>>” to confirm and the following Processing screen will appear.

Please Wait

NOTE: If the number of blank discs you inserted doesn’t match the number of discs detected on the screen, please give 10-15 seconds for the duplicator to recognize all of your blank discs.

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