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MS Series Manual Page 26

Trouble Shooting

1. No display on LCD or the unit does not operate when the power is on.
• Check the connection of power cable and the environment of power outlet is normal.
• Make sure the power voltage matches the voltage of your power outlet.
• If your outside temperature has been dropped below 34F within past 24 hours, please leave the duplicator inside a room with temperature of 65F or higher for 4 hours before power it on for the first time.

2. READER cannot read disc and shows error message.
• Check the format of master CD/DVD or master CD/DVD itself for damage.
• Your master disc may be copy protected. Normally, most of the DVD and some of the CD you have purchased from stores have been copy protected.
• Use the Writers to read your master disc by selecting one of writers as the Master Reading Source (Please refer to “Tutorial IV – Select the Master Reading Source”); if it works, make a copy of your master disc and treat the copy as the new master. Then set the Master Reading Source back to the READER and try again.

3. Buttons do not function.
• May be still busy on task. Give it sometime and press it again. If it still doesn’t work, turn off the machine, and then restart the machine after a minute.

4. Copy completed but the copies are not readable / executable?
• Use “compare” feature to check the copied disc.
• Base on our experience, the quality of your media plays a big role on this part. Try to use the quality media to prevent such problems.
• Please use other DVD/CD player/ROM to test the copied media. Sometimes, your DVD/CD Player/ROM may not be compatible with recordable DVD/CD disc.

5. The failure rate is high.
• Lower the “write speed” and try again. Please refer to “Tutorial III – Select the Duplication Speed.”
• Quality of blank disc may be poor.
• Quality of your master disc may be poor.

6. Do I need to upgrade my duplicator’s firmware?
• Unless your system is getting unstable, we strongly suggest you not to upgrade your duplicator’s firmware. Please contact our Tech Support if your system is getting unstable.

7. Cannot boot-up or fail to upgrade firmware.
• Contact our Tech Support.

8. Can I load data directly from my computer to my duplicator’s Hard Drive?
• No, not at all. Your duplicator’s Hard Drive has a unique file system that no computer will recognize. Thus, you can’t perform any read/write operation to the Hard Drive from your computer.

9. Why some writers won’t copy?
• If those writers are connected with USB 2.0/Firewire IEEE 1394 connections, please make sure the switch on the back of the duplicator is off and restart your duplicator.
• Reset back to default. ( Troubleshoot #9 )
• Contact our tech support.

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