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MS Series Manual Page 19

Key Functions:
o “>>” – Select/Un-Select
o “<<” – Go directly to “OK” display
o Press and Hold “>>” for 2 seconds – Select ALL tracks
o Press and Hold “<<” for 2 seconds – Un-Select ALL tracks

Once you have finished selecting the tracks you want to copy, you can press UP or DOWN arrow button to move the cursor to the “OK” display or press “<<” button to move the cursor directly to the “OK” display like the following:
* >
11 12 13 14 15 OK

Once the cursor is above the “OK” display like above screen, you can press “>>” button to submit your selection. You will see the following:

Processing 6 Trk
Please Wait

WARNING: If the audio tracks you have selected is more than 80mins, you shall see the following two screens flashing:


Press OK to Continue

If you see messages above, please do the following:

a. Eject both of your master Audio CD and Blank CD-R.
b. Press “>>” button to continue
c. Then you can add a different track that will make your overall selections fit within 80 minutes. Please add one track at a time because in this case you will know which track doesn’t fit within 80 minutes.

After a short period of time, you will be asked whether you want to finalize the disc or not like screen below:


You can use UP or DOWN arrow button to choose “YES” or “NO” on finalization. Finalization will make your new mixed CD playable in the audio CD player, but you will not be able to add any more tracks to it. As a reminder, if you choose “YES”, then you can not add any more audio tracks to your selection. If you choose “NO”, you can add more audio tracks from other audio CDs to your selection, but you will not be able to listen to it until it is finalized.

Once you have selected your desired choice, then you can press “>>” to submit and you shall see the following:

Copying Audio Trks...
Please Wait

Once the Copying Audio Tracks process is complete, and
if you have chosen NOT to “Finalize”, you shall see:

PASS 27:20 6 Trk
Press OK to Continue

Then, you need to go back to beginning of this step to continue.


If you have chosen to “Finalize”, you shall see:

Total: 27:28 6 Trk

Press OK to Continue
Total: 27:28 6 Trk

Then you can press “>>” to continue and you will be directed back to the main menu:

11. Edit Audio Track

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