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MS Series Manual Page 25

12.4 CD Writing Mode
This setting will allow you to select which mode you would like to duplicate CD. There are two different modes, “Disc at Once” and “Track at Once”. Unless you understand completely what they mean, we strongly suggest you to set it as “Disc at Once”.

12.5 Buzzer
This setting will allow you to choose whether you want to hear a beep when you press a button or not.

12.6 Startup Menu
This setting will allow you to choose which menu you would like to see first when you turned on the duplicator.

12.7 System Info
By entering this menu, you will be able to see the many specifications of your duplicator such as the firmware version, CPU type, RAM capacity. You can choose specifications by press UP or DOWN button.

12.8 Device Info
By entering this menu, you will be able to see the information for components built inside your duplicator. That information includes but limited to manufacture, model number, etc.

12.9 Screen Saver
This setting will allow you to choose whether you want to enable the Screen Saver feature or not. By enabling this feature, a screen saver will be displayed when your duplicator has been idle for a long period of time.

12.10 Load Default
This function will reset all of the options back to manufacture’s default. You can perform this function if your duplicator is acting abnormal.

12.11 Update Firmware
This function will update the software of your duplicator. To update, you need to insert manufacture Certified Update CD into the Reader and select this function by pressing “>>” button. We strongly suggest you not to upgrade your duplicator’s firmware unless your duplicator is getting unstable

This function will make sure it is safe to turn off your duplicator. Once you see “Ready to Power OFF” message, then you can safely turn off the machine via Power Switch. Turning off your duplicator without perform this function will increase the risk of damaging your duplicator.

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