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MS Series Manual Page 2

Tutorial Guide:

I. Make Disc-to-Disc Copies

This process will copy your master disc into several blank discs simultaneously. However, due to its simultaneous nature, a good conditioned master disc and lower recording speed is necessary for high success rate and good quality duplicates as well.

When you turned on your duplicator, you should see the following when your duplicator is ready.


1. Make sure the Master Reading Source is set to the READER.

It is very important to make sure that your current Master Reading Source is the top tray in order to avoid unnecessary error messages. To check the Master Reading Source, please do the following:

a. Use UP or DOWN arrow button to navigate to the following screen.

8. Select Source

b. Press ">>" to enter Select Source Menu and you shall see the following:

Reader Port 1.1
Pioneer DVD-ROM

Make sure it is located at the "Reader Port". If not, then you need to press UP or DOWN navigation button to search for it.
If your duplicator does not equip any Reader port, then please choose the device with the "Writer Port" as your Master Reading Source.

c. Press ">>" to submit your selection.

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