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TC 8000 Duplication Controller

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Password Menu

The TC-8000 series copiers allow access to be restricted by passwords. A different password can also be set for general use (Operator Password), and for system setup (Setup Password). The passwords operate independently of each other, so it is possible, for instance, to have a password required for setup, but no password required for Operator use. It is also possible to have a single Operator Password to give access to the whole machine, without additional password requirements for the Setup Menu. Passwords are optional. May users never need to use passwords.
Each password must be setup separately. By default, no password is active, and the machine can be used without passwords. To enable a password, choose either.

Operator Password or Setup Password from the Setup Menu then select Enable Password.

The system will request a default password. This is a password that is fixed within every machine - and cannot be changed. The default password is YES ENTER YES ENTER YES ENTER. The reason for a default password is to prevent passwords being enabled accidentally.
Now enter any six key sequence. The same key sequence will need to be repeated to confirm the new password. From now on this password will need to be entered when prompted. Remember, a different password can be set for Operator and Setup, so be sure to use the correct password.
Each password can be changed or disabled via additional menu items that are displayed once Passwords have been enabled.

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