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Firmware Utilities

Firmware Utilities allows the firmware used by the TC-8000 Tower and the CD-R or CD-RW drives to be updated (depending on the drive model).
Load System F/W
The software that is used by the TC-8000 to copy CD-Rs may be updated from time to time, to add new features or support for new drives. The following functions are used to update the firmware in the machine.
Load F/W from CD
This function reads firmware from a firmware CD-R and installs it in the TC-8000 Duplicator electronics. A firmware CD-R can be created by writing an ISO-9660 CD-R with an R-Quest TC-8000 series firmware file in the root directory.
This function allows firmware to be transferred to the TC-8000 Duplicator via the serial (RS232) port using standard Xmodem protocol. Select which serial port to use (Port 2 is the port on the rear of the machine), and what speed to run at (9600 baud or 115000 baud). Typical host software would be HyperTerminal in Windows®. Please refer to the HyperTerminal instructions in Appendix C.
Load Drive F/W
The drive manufacturer may update the software that is used by the CD-R or CD-RW drives from time to time. This could be for bug fixes, new features or format support, or to optimize the recording quality on new media as it becomes available.
A file containing R-Quest approved drive firmware can be obtained from the R-Quest web site, or R-Quest authorized distributors. This is the ONLY file that should be used to update the drives. Do not attempt to use any other file, as it may contain firmware that has not been approved by R-Quest.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not turn off the power while this function is running. Turning off the power before the Duplicator has completed the drive upgrade may leave your CD recorders in a state where they no longer function correctly. If you are in any doubt about this, please contact R-Quest, or an authorized R-Quest distributor before using this feature.

The update process is very simple, but user confirmation is requested several times before the drives are actually updated. The drive firmware update file MUST be located in the root directory of a standard ISO9660 CD-ROM. Choose the menu item Utilities|Firmware Utilities|Load Drive F/W and follow the prompts on the LCD.

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