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TC 8000 Duplication Controller

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Make sure you set the properties as shown here (or 9600 if you need 9600).

Next, Select Transfer | Send File (as below).

You will be prompted for the file to send. Use the browse button to find the file, and set the protocol to Xmodem.

On the TC-8000 Series Tower, select Utilities | Load Firmware | Load F/W Xmodem.

Choose the port (normally Port 2) and make sure you chose the correct speed setting, so that it matches the speed setting in HyperTerminal (9600 or 115000). Press the ENTER key. The prompt :

Press key to start

will appear. Press the ENTER key to start. Now press the SEND button on HyperTerminal. The file transfer should now take place. On successful completion the firmware file will automatically be saved in the TC-8800.

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