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TrueRID Scan

This function is useful for tracking media through a production process and is only available when using TrueCopytm recorders. This function will request that a CD be inserted, and will then scan for RID codes on recorded media. If no RID is present then "No RID Found" will be display. If an RID is present it will be displayed on the LCD. The RID will contain a drive manufacturer code, and the drive's electronic serial number. Every drive has unique RID. A CD with an RID code can be traced to the exact drive that recorded it. To find the electronic serial number of TrueCopytm drives select the menu item Utilities|System Information|True RID Info.

TrueQA Scan

TrueQA Scan is only available when used with TrueCopytm recorders. TrueQA scan will scan recorded media checking for uncorrectable C1 and C2 errors. Uncorrectable C1 errors are present on all CD media, and are normal. However, uncorrectable C2 errors lead to bad data, or clicks & pops on audio CDs. When scanning a CD, if there is any count other than zero (0) for C2, consider this disc to be of unsatisfactory quality.

Note: Some CD Copy protection schemes rely on 'bad blocks', and so scanning a copy protected CD will often reveal uncorrectable C2 errors.
System Information
These functions are used to display information about the various components installed in the CD Tower.
PCA Info
Display the installed firmware level, the number of writers found in the system, and the number of writers licensed in this system.
Writer Info
Display CD-R writer manufacturer, model number and firmware revision. While it is possible to use different writer types, and different firmware revisions, R-Quest recommends using the same writer type and the latest available writer firmware.
TrueRID Info
Display TrueCopy recorder manufacturer, model number, RID (Recorder Identification Number). This number is unique. No two recorders will have the same number. This number corresponds to the information returned by the TrueRID Scan (see Utilities), and can be used to track recorded media. This function is only available with TrueCopy recorders.
Hard Drive Info
Display the manufacturer, model number and capacity of the installed hard drive.

Upgrade License
Enabled options can be changed via these functions. To get a new key to enable new options contact R-Quest or an authorized R-Quest distributor.
Show Current Key
Display current installed options Key String. You MUST have this Key String available when contacting R-Quest or an authorized R-Quest distributor to change your installed options.
Enter New Key
Enter a new installed options Key String. Entering this Key String can change your installed options. Contact R-Quest or an authorized R-Quest distributor to get a new key string. See the Entering Text section of this chapter for instructions on entering text.

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