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TC 8000 Duplication Controller

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Quick Start

Your new TC-8000 Series CD-R Tower is designed to allow fast, easy and reliable duplication of CD-R discs.

The following sections will get you started copying or comparing CD-Rs quickly. Useful features are ignored here, so after getting started using these instructions we recommend you browse the Operation section to become familiar with all the powerful features of your TC-8000 Tower. Possible errors are also bypassed. If you encounter problems see the Error Messages section of this manual.

Box Contents
Carefully remove your TC-8000 CD-R Tower from it's shipping carton and verify that all parts are present. If there are missing or damaged parts contact R-Quest or an authorized distributor immediately to correct any mis-packed or missing parts.

You should find the following packaged with your CD-R Tower:
Ø TC-8000 CD-R Tower
Ø Power Cord
Ø This user manual

If your TC-8000 CD-R Tower is damaged during shipment, please contact the freight carrier first, then contact your distributor or R-Quest.

You should save your shipping materials so that if the need arises you can return your CD-R Tower for service. This packaging was designed specifically for shipping your CD-R Tower. Other packaging may not be as suitable.

Operating Environment
Your TC-8000 CD Tower system should be used in a climate controlled environment free of dirt, dust, excess humidity, excessive heat or electro-magnetic interference.

Allow at least four (4) inches of clearance around the sides and back of the unit for ventilation.

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