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TC 8000 Duplication Controller

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Comparing CD-Rs

Comparing CD-Rs allows a copy to be compared against a master image, to make sure there are no detectable differences. This feature is not available for Audio or Video tracks, because Audio/Video tracks do not have ECC (error correction codes) to guarantee data integrity. Only data tracks have this.

Follow the Copying CD-R section above, but instead of inserting blank CD-Rs, insert the copied CDs.
Batch Mode (Some Autoloaders Only)

The TC-8000 Series Tower can be used with autoloaders that support a tower controller. Some of these autoloaders support batch mode. This is a method of copying more than one master CD without starting each job individually.

This system relies on recognizing new master CDs in the input hopper, as they are loaded in to the recorders.

Each master CD should be placed on the input stack together with the blanks in such a manor that the master would be loaded first, followed by the blanks.

Each master and the required number of blanks should be placed in/on the input hopper until all masters and blanks are on, or the input hopper is full.

Make sure that the first master is the first CD to be loaded.

A batch job will terminate if the input hopper is empty and all CDs have been recorded or if the master being read has errors.

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