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Appendix E - TrueCopy System Technology

All TC-8000 series systems include TrueCopy Technologytm capability. The combination of a TC-8000 series tower with TrueCopytm recorders creates a system that is more powerful than ordinary duplication systems that rely just on enhanced drive technology alone. This more powerful combination of both TrueCopytm drives and a TrueCopy Systemtm controller results in a far superior duplication system.

The additional features provided by TrueCopy System Technologytm benefit both the duplication and quality control process, allowing more accurate copies to be made much more easily. Almost all of these features are available exclusively on duplication systems enabled with TrueCopy System Technologytm.

Several of these features are documented in this manual. Other features are working silently behind the scenes and are not mentioned further. Currently supported TrueCopy System Technologytm features include:

Places an Orange Book compliant electronic watermark on the recorded media. Every disc is optionally marked so that it can be traced back to the recorder that created it. This electronic water mark can be viewed on the TC-8800 using the TrueRID Scan function. This function can be turned ON/OFF in the Setup|Duplication Options menu.
TrueRIDtm Scan
Displays the RID (electronic water mark) on a recorded disc. This allows a disc to be tracked to the recorder that created it. This function will request a CD be inserted, and will then scan for RID codes on recorded media. If no RID is present then "No RID Found" will be displayed. If an RID is present it will be displayed on the LCD. The RID will contain a drive manufacturer code and the last ten digits of the recorder's unique electronic serial number. A CD with an RID code can be traced to the exact drive that recorded it. To find the electronic serial number of TrueCopytm drives select the function Utilities|System Information|True RID Info in the menu.

Allows the user to check the quality of recorded media. TrueQAtm scan will scan recorded media checking for uncorrectable C1 and C2 errors. Uncorrectable C1 errors are present on all CD media, and are normal. However, uncorrectable C2 errors lead to bad data, or clicks & pops on audio CDs. When scanning a CD, if there is any count other than zero (0) for C2 or an unusually large number of C1 errors consider this disc to be of unsatisfactory quality

Used on TrueCopytm recorders to adjust laser power over the entire disc surface to maintain and enhance recording quality from the beginning to the end of the recorded disc. This feature is particularly important for high speed recording.

Allows the TC-8000 system (when used with TrueCopy recorders) to scan audio CDs for defects on masters likely to cause a click or pop on copies before copies are made. This scanning happens automatically while reading the master CD.

More TrueCopy System Technology features will be coming in the future so please check regularly for the latest firmware releases.

TC-8000TM Series User Manual
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