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Appendix A - Error Messages

Following is a list of error messages that may be displayed.

This would appear during the power up sequence if no hard disk could be found. Check that the power cable is correctly installed on the hard disk, and that the data cable is correctly connected between the hard disk and the copy electronics. If in doubt, contact your R-Quest authorised dealer. See the Installing Hard Disks section of Appendix C for more info.

!! ERROR!! No Writers Found
This suggests that either no writers are installed, or that they are incorrectly installed. Check power to each CD-R drive, and check that the SCSI cable is correctly connected to each drive, and to the copy electronics. See Installing Readers & Writers section of Appendix C for more info.

Make sure that every writer has a unique SCSI ID. If two SCSI devices have the same ID, they will not work.

!! ERROR !! - No disc in drive
The system cannot detect a Master CD in the drive.

!! ERROR!! - Disc in drive appears to be blank
The system tried to read a Master, which appears to be blank. Check the Master CD and try again.

User Data Corrupt
The user set-up (including Duplication Options) is corrupted. The system will automatically reset the options to the factory settings.

Job Cancelled
The user pressed the stop key.

!! WARNING!! Copier is in SIMULATE mode
The duplication options are set to simulate, NOT write a CD-R. This means that the system will go through all the motions of writing CD-Rs, but will not actually burn them. See the menu item Setup Menu|Duplication Options|Burn CD in the Operation section for more info.

Bad Master
The system tried to read a master disc, but found an error. Try reading at a slower speed, or replace the master with a new one.

Disc Format Not Supported
The system does not currently support this kind of CD format. Contact an authorized R-Quest dealer for possible firmware upgrades.

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