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Copying CD-Rs (Not CD to CD)

There are three basic methods of copying CD-Rs. The first is to read a master & start copying immediately. The second is to start copying using a master image already stored on the internal hard disk (usually created by a previous Copy job, or by using the Image Functions|Load New Master function). The third is to use the Copy CD to CD function that can read a master, store the data to the hard disk and make copies at the same time. However, the last method may not be as reliable as the first two methods where a master CD is scratched, or of a poor quality.

To start copying from a new master, use the up /\ or down \/ arrow keys to put the > cursor (on the Left of the LCD display) next to the Start Copying menu line. Press the ENTER key to select that menu function. If there is already a CD image on the hard drive the following prompt will be displayed:

Read New Master?

If there are no master images currently on the hard disk, this message will not appear. Press the YES key. The next prompt will be for a CD Image name.

Enter Image Name
[ ]

Use the /\, \/, > & < keys to enter a name for the image (see Entering Text). To use the default name ("NONAME") just press the ENTER key. Next the system will ask for the number of CD-Rs to copy:

Enter Quantity
[ ]

Using the /\, \/, < & > keys enter a quantity to copy (see Entering Numbers). When the display shows the required count, press the ENTER key. The top drive tray will open and the following prompt will be displayed:

Insert Master CD...
Press any key.

Put the Master CD in the tray and press the ENTER key. The drawer will close and the Master CD will start reading. When the Master CD is read the tray will open and the following prompt will be displayed:

Get Master CD...
Press any key.

Get the Master CD from the tray, put a blank CD-R into the tray and press the ENTER key. If more than one copy is required, and the tower has more than one drive installed and enabled (see Duplication Options), other drives will eject their tray and wait for a blank CD. Place a blank CD on all open drawers, and close them. Once all drives have blank CD-Rs, copying will begin. Press the ENTER key to start copying without discs in all drives.

On completing the copy, all drives with good discs will eject the disc and wait for another blank. Insert more blanks in the open drawers and close them again. Copying will automatically start again once all drives are closed, and have blank CD-Rs.

If the message

Bad Disc
Press Any Key

appears, a drive has a BAD disc (one that was rejected during the copy or verify operation), the drawer will remain closed. Simply open the drawer using the eject button, and replace the disc with a new blank CD-R.

To Copy from an image that is already on the hard disk, select the menu item Start Copying as above, but in response to the message

Read New Master?

Press the NO key. A list of the images stored on the hard disk will be displayed on the LCD. Use the /\ & \/ keys to place the > cursor next to the required image and press ENTER. Enter the quantity required, as above. The drives will open requesting blank CD-Rs in the same way as above.

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