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Appendix D - Easy CD Creator 4

Using Easy CD Creator 4 to Make CDs for Distribution
Many users ask how they should make CDs suitable for mass distribution. There are many software packages available for CD mastering. R-Quest does not recommend any specific package over another. However there are some basic recommendations.

1) For most reliable use on most computers - always master Disc At Once (DAO) for both audio and data. For data CDs use only a single track.
2) Avoid using multisession unless this is required by your application.
3) If multisession is required, pay careful attention to whether the disc is fixated or not. If the disc is fixated, no one will be able to add further sessions (i.e. add or delete files to the CD). If the disc is NOT fixated, additional sessions may be added by the recipient of the CD, which will allow files to be added or deleted.
4) Use Mode 1 where possible. Use Mode 2 CD-XA ONLY where it is required by your application.

When using Easy CD Creator (pictures shown are from v4.02) there are some parameters that should be setup prior to making a CD master. Fortunately most of these parameters can be saved as the default setting.

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