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Copying CD-Rs (CD to CD)

If you are satisfied that your master is of suitable quality, this can be a very quick way to make your first copies. Using this function will enable you to start making the first set of copies while the master is still being read.

At the main menu, use the up /\ or down \/ arrow keys to put the > cursor (on the Left of the LCD display) next to the Copy CD to CD menu line. Press the ENTER key to select that menu function. The next prompt will be for a CD Image name.

Enter Image Name
[ ]

To use the default name 'NO NAME' just press the ENTER key at this point. (See the Entering Text section of the Operation chapter for instructions on entering an image name.) Next the system will ask for the number of CD-Rs to copy:

Enter Quantity
[ ]

Press the ENTER key to accept the quantity (0000 will keep copying until stopped by pressing the STOP key at the end of a set of discs). The top CD-R tray will open and the following prompt will be displayed:

Insert Master CD...
Press any key.

Put the Master CD in the tray and press the ENTER key. The tray will close, and the master disk will start analyzing. When the Master CD has been analyzed all the other trays will open and the following prompt will be displayed:

Waiting for CD Drive

Place as many BLANK CD-Rs in the writers as required and close the drives using the drive eject button. If there are any drives still open, press and hold the ENTER key until all drives close. The copier will now start copying. There is a timer at the top right corner of the display that counts down, and shows the approximate time to go before the end of the recording.

Note that the reader may stop reading before the recorders are finished. This is because all the data from the reader has already been transferred to the hard disk.

Once the first set of CD-Rs are complete, remove the master, and if required, continue copying to all drives by inserting a blank CD-R in the drive that was previously used for reading the master. The master is no longer required for copying, because the image is now stored on the internal hard disk.

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