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Installing Hard Disks

The system requires that a UDMA/33, UDMA/66 or UDMA/100 EIDE or an Ultra SCSI 2 or Ultra SCSI 3 hard drive to be installed.

An EIDE hard drive should be configured as a MASTER drive. Using Slave or Cable Select (CS) settings will not work. Most currently available UDMA/33, UDMA/66 or UDMA/100 EIDE hard drives will work in TC-8000 series systems. If in doubt, please contact your authorized R-Quest distributor for a list of known working drives.

SCSI hard drives should be configured with an ID that is unique on the SCSI bus cable (a different ID from any other device). ID 7 can not be used for the hard drive (or any other SCSI drive in the system).

Use the Utilities | Hard Disk Utilities | System HD Format menu selection to format the hard disk after installation.
Supported Formats
Following are supported formats as of this writing. Contact your authorized distributor or R-Quest for an updated list.

CD-ROM Mode 1, Form 1 (ISO 9660, UFS, HFS etc)
CD-XA Mode 2, Form 1 & 2
CD-DA (Audio - with ISRC, UPC and Sub Indexes)
CD-I (Green Book - CD-Interactive)
CD-I Ready
CD+G (Karaoke) (Requires Plextor PX-W124TSi Recorders)
Mixed Mode (Mode 1)
Mixed Mode (Mode 2)
Playstation (Developer)
CD-Extra (Blue Book - a.k.a. Enhanced CD, CD Plus)
Kodak Photo CD
Video CD (White Book)
DOS / Windows / MAC / Unix / Linux etc
Single / Multisession
Track At Once
Session At Once
Disc At Once

Many other formats are supported, but are not listed here. These additional formats can be also be copied by the TC-8000 tower, because they are "logical" formats that adhere to one of the above "physical" formats. If in doubt, please contact your authorised R-Quest distributor.

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